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In cooperation with partners from Tilburg University and University of East Anglia, we host a biannual conference on resource, energy, and sustainability economics. Further information and paper downloads can be found on the SURED program webpages:

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Conference Topic

The aim of the conference is to compile innovative current research from resource, energy and environmental economics and dynamic economic theory. By bringing together leading experts, junior and senior scholars and young researchers in these fields, the conference covers a broad range of aspects regarding the relationship between natural resource use and long-term economic development.

The conference will be the eighth of a series. The SURED conferences in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 were generally considered great successes. Participants came from all over Europe as well as from America and Asia. The conference papers reached the highest international standards and the presentations were very professional.

We welcome contributions from the fields of:

  • burden sharing in climate negotiation
  • technology diffusion in the context of emission reduction and
  • green growth

Next to this core subject area, the conference will also include other themes from the main fields of resource and environmental economics and economic dynamics. For example, there will be sessions dedicated to trade and the environment, taxes, permits and regulations, and specific methodologies such as game theory and computable general equilibrium modeling. Past SURED conferences have shown to be a good indicator of “hot topics” in the research field, and we have no doubt that next year’s edition will prove to be similarly successful and valuable for all participants.

For the open part of the conference, we will invite contributions from the fields of:

  • resource, energy and environmental economics, as well as
  • economic dynamics and growth theory

with special emphasis being awarded to contributions that cover both fields.

Keynote and invited lectures will be given by internationally distinguished researchers. There are special sessions for young economists.

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