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363-0552-00L Economic Growth and Resource Use 

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last updated Nov. 2014

1. Research Interests

  • Resource economics
  • Public economics
  • Industrial organization
  • Non-market strategies


2. Publications

  • Daubanes, J., Lasserre, P. (2014): "The Green Paradox as a Supply Phenomenon", in Climate Policy and Exhaustible Resources - The Green Paradox and Beyond, edited by Karen Pittel, Frederick van der Ploeg and Cees Withagen, 2014, MIT Press
  • Daubanes, J., Berlinschi, R. (2012): "Foreign Aid and Oil Taxes: Helping the Poor in Oil-Rich Countries", Environment and Development Economics
  • Daubanes, J. (2011): "Optimal Taxation of a Monopolistic Extractor: Are Subsidies Necessary?", Energy Economics
  • Daubanes, J., Grimaud, A. (2010): "Taxation of a Polluting Non-renewable Resource in the Heterogeneous World", Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Daubanes, J., Grimaud, A. (2010): "Effet de Serre, Echanges Internationaux et Taxation Locale des Produits Pétroliers", Revue Economique
  • Daubanes, J., Berlinschi, R. (2009): "Prendre d'une Main et Donner de l'Autre : Taxation des Produits Pétroliers et Aide Internationale", Economie et Prévision
  • Daubanes, J. (2008): "Fossil Fuels Supplied by Oligopolies: On Optimal Taxation and Rent Capture", Economics Bulletin


3. Working Papers

  • Daubanes, J., Rochet, J.-C. "Activists versus Captured Regulators", CESifo Working Paper 4444
  • Daubanes, J., Lasserre, P. "Non-Renewable Resource Supply: Substitution Effect, Compensation Effect and All That", CIRANO Working Paper 2012s-28
  • Daubanes, J., Leinert, L. "Optimum Tariffs and Exhaustible Resources: Theory and Evidence for Gasoline" (PDF, 1 MB), CER-ETH Economics Working Paper 12/163
  • Daubanes, J, Grimaud, A., Rougé, L. "Green Paradox and Directed Technical Change: The Effects of Subsidies to Clean R&D", IDEI Working Paper 743
  • Daubanes, J., Lasserre, P. "Optimum Commodity Taxation with a Non-Renewable Resource", CIRANO Working Paper 2012s-04
  • Daubanes, J. "Taxation of Oil Products and GDP Dynamics of Oil-Rich Countries" (PDF, 598 KB), CER-ETH Working Paper 09/102
  • Daubanes, J. "Changement Climatique, Instruments Economiques et Propositions pour un Accord Post-Kyoto : Une Synthèse", LERNA Working Paper 09.19.295


4. Contributions to Collective Volumes

  • Daubanes, J., Dufresne, M. (2008) "L'Eau Douce", in "L'Environnement à la Croisée des Savoirs", edited by Hauger, S., Vuibert (Paris)
  • LERNA (2007): "Responsabiliser les Marchés et les Entreprises pour le Développement Durable", Rapports et Documents, Centre d'Analyse Stratégique, edited and revised by Salanié, F. and Treich, N.


5. Scholarships and Prizes

Year School / Prize
Jan 2013
Outstanding Referee Award 2012, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control  
Oct 2009   Laurier de la Recherche, awarded by the City of Toulouse  
Sep 2008   Prix AFSE 2008, Ph.D. Thesis Prize of the French Economic Association for the best French dissertation of the year in Economics  
Sep 2004 - Sep 2007   Ph.D. scholarship awarded by the French Government  
Sep 2003 - Sep 2004   Master student scholarship on academic excellence awarded by the University of Toulouse  


6. Education

Year Education
Sep 2004 - Dec 2007
Ph.D. in Economics
Toulouse School of Economics (LERNA)
Dissertation title: "Essays on the Taxation of Exhaustible Resources"
Distinction: Highest Honors
Sep 2004 - Sep 2005   DEEQA (equivalent ABD)
Toulouse School of Economics (MPSE)  
Sep 2003 - Jul 2004   M. Sc. in Economic Theory and Econometrics
Toulouse School of Economics (MPSE)
Thesis title: "Profitable Piracy and Network Effects"  
Sep 2001 - Sep 2004   M.Sc. in Economics and Statistics (Magistère d'Economiste-Statisticien)
University of Toulouse  
Sep 2000 - Jun 2003   B.A. in Economics
University of Toulouse  
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